My dirty little secret

Is it ok to say that I’m not really too fussed about the new Super 15 format? I’ve got the basics down, like there are now 15 teams competing and that they’re grouped together in fancy “conferences”, but other than that it’s all a little vague to me. I did try heading over to the Super 15 site and had a look at their explanatory video clip but I got bored and zoned out.
Maybe I’ll be a little more focused once it actually starts.

One thing I am excited about though is listening to the Aussie commentators on Fox sports. The Phil Kearns / Greg Martin combo is a great laugh. Sure they’re biased but at least they’re “funny biased”. The chirp made a few years ago about Percy getting his gold boots from the Gay Mardi Gras still cracks me up.

Having said that the Kiwi commentators are not too bad either. They’re very measured and professional in their approach. The SuperSport team really needs to up their game. I can’t help but feel short-changed when the only commentary options DSTV offers for the SA based games are English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. I’d take Kearns / Martin every game if I could.

Roll on the 18th.



  1. If you get a chance..try out ARC Alternative rugby Commentary. led by Kiwi Jed from who rounds up the highlights and then proceeds to show completely innapropriate bias towards the Highlanders (no matter how crap they are) ..mocks anything involving Aussies and occasionaly Saffas..he says that anyone besides Bakkies/Brad Thorne/Rocky Elsom/Ali Williams and Van Humphries is a

  2. Thanks for the tip Hamish, it sounds pretty much like the type of vibe I’m after!

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